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Want skin that is soft and smooth like buttah? Show your skin some love! Our shea butter cream is extremely moisturizing, vegan, organic and paraben-free.It is gentle enough for your babies.Shea butter is all natural, organic, moisturizing,healing,anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial,anti-aging and full of fatty acids.Your skin is your largest organ absorbing the things that you apply to it in less than 60 secs.Our shea butter cream locks in moisture to improve the appearance of your skin and keeps your baby's skin nice and hydrated! You don't have to have dry skin to use and appreciate the properties of shea butter. Shea is great for normal,oily and dry skin.It also works wonders on eczema and skin psoriasis. Shea butter is not just for the winter, it will give your skin a beautiful glow in the Summer! Just like buttah baby!!

 Ingredients:organic shea butter,organic coconut oil,chamomile and fragrance. 

Before using any new product on skin always perform a skin patch test.

Please use caution if you have a nut allergy.For external use only. Can be used on children.