Stimulating Shower Steamers

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Shower steamers are a great source of in home aromatherapy. Designed specifically for showers only- these steamers pack a mighty punch! Depending on which steamer you use the aroma experience is different. Feeling a little stuffy? Try our eucalyptus shower steamer. It has menthol and helps clear your sinuses. Dragging in the morning? Try our citrus steamers made with orange essential oil,they give you a quick pick me up to get you going and out the door. Had a long day? Try our lavender shower steamers they will help you relax and unwind after a hectic day. 

Directions: take one steamer and place it on the shower floor away from the direct water stream. Sprinkle water on the steamer to activate the essential oils. It helps to let the shower get hot and run a few minutes before place the steamer on the floor.  Breathe in and let the steamers do the rest!

Please use caution with the steamers as some are made with menthol.

Ingredients:baking soda,citric acid,alcohol,fragrance.

2 oz/ea (4 pack)